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Volition LLP has emerged as one of the XBRL Outsourcing Service Provider in India, who have successfully passed the MCA Validation requirements. Volition LLP has provided XBRL Conversion Services in India, with utmost satisfaction to the clients, in various sectors and cities across the country.

We can provide 2 Implementation Options to companies looking for Reporting as per XBRL. While reporting some companies might adopt a more self sufficient approach, while some might consider outsourcing the XBRL Reporting. We at Volition LLP will provide ease of reporting with any of the options a company chooses.

For our services in regions other than India, please follow the links below to know how we could help you in meeting your XBRL and iXBRL Compliances. Apart from the US and UK we are providing XBRL services for various countries, conatct us to know more about it.

XBRL Reporting - US SEC Filings | iXBRL Services - UK HMRC Reporting | XBRL Filing - Singapore ACRA Filing

1.XBRL Software and in-house creation
A Software with support services and training on the software will make you self sufficient with XBRL Reporting. The software will not only help in converting financials to .xml files, but also help in storing the previously converted files and viewing the files.

2.XBRL Outsourced Services
Due to the complexity of the process of Tagging and Mapping and rectification post validation, companies could consider outsourcing XBRL implementation.

As a service provider we could do the following:

» XBRL Tagging and Mapping
» XBRL Creation
» XBRL Validation
» XBRL Filing
» XBRL Training Courses

                         XBRL for Financial Reporting       XBRL for Cost Audit & Compliance Audit Reporting

To give the company secretaries, accounts & finance professionals an overview about XBRL and a demonstration of the tagging tools, Volition LLP in India is launching a training program on XBRL.

The XBRL training workshop is an ideal platform for Compliance Officers and Finance Professionals who wish to gain a unique insight into Financial Reporting through XBRL and obtain a first movers advantage in a revolutionary reporting standard. The professionals will also get an advantage of having a hands on experience of one of the most versatile XBRL Tool in India.

Volition LLP has become one of the favoured XBRL service provider in cities across India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata etc., and have assisted various brands in these cities.

While we already are XBRL Service Providers to clients in places like Gurgaon, Noida, Navi Mumbai, Mahape, Thane, Pune. We also plan to provide both XBRL Trainings and Conversion Services in Chennai, SIPCOT Chennai, Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Gandhinagar, Surat in Gujarat.

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