XBRL Filing Services in Singapore

Who is required to submit financial statements in XBRL format?

As per the revised ACRA XBRL filing requirements, from 3 March 2014, the following class of companies are required to submit their financial statements in XBRL Format to ACRA:

» Singapore incorporated companies which are unlimited

» Singapore incorporated companies which are limited by shares

What is the applicable financial period for filing in XBRL format?

» The revised XBRL filing requirements are applicable to companies, which are filing financial statements with periods ending on or after 30 April 2007

What Volition can do for you?

» Prepare financial statements in XBRL format.
» Send the XBRL format files to you for filing with ACRA
» Our services also include preparation of Accounts and Bookkeeping

Who do we serve?

» We provide XBRL filing from Small Companies to Large Companies.
» Tax Advisors, Accountants and Accounting Firms.
» We are also serving Companies, Tax Advisors, Accountants and Accounting Firms.

Why Volition?

» Just email us and we will be glad to respond to you. No signing up!
» Provide data in any format like Word or Excel. No uploading!
» We have a team of qualified accountants capable of handling preparing your XBRL Financial Statements with BizFinx filing system
» Review your XBRL tagged accounts and request any number of changes.

Our fee and pricing parameters?

» Our prices vary for a Company and Tax Advisors, Accountants and Accounting Firms.
» For a Company price depends on Number of Pages.Request pricing.

For Outsourcing Accounts, Financial Statement Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll and other such services Write to us!

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